An Interview - Video Editing Production
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An interview (Documentary)

“Every film is a puzzle really, from an editorial point of view.” – Walter Murch

Video editing is a skill that often goes overlooked in the production process. In film, they say that there’s three movies that pop up throughout the process: the screenplay is one movie, the shoot itself, and the edit. Each part of the process changes and if you’re lucky the edit resembles the script very closely. However, often the screenplay you write needs modification once you’re on location to account for any number of things, whether the physical blocking affects the action/layout of the scene, or maybe the dialog as written doesn’t flow well, or maybe budget demands or delays in shooting create a need to cut scenes out and rework the story to accommodate it. Even if the script and principal photography go off without a hitch there’s no guarantee that the shots piece together to tell a well-paced story, or that the emotional or comedic punch works well. So, in the edit things can be manipulated to tell a whole new story. Reality shows should be proof enough of the power in video editing.

I was contracted to edit this interview by Demand Media. All post-production work is done by myself, according to detailed notes from the client.



They also wanted a little energy video promoting the new office as a way to get the employees excited:


Lastly, there was a plan of another video about why the company chose to settle in Dublin in the first place: