"Don't Know Why" (Super 16mm Music Video) - Icarus Burning Productions
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“Don’t Know Why” (Super 16mm Music Video)

Shooting on film has been a dream of mine for quite a few years, so when my old friend James reached out to do a music video for his upcoming release my only requirement is that we shoot it on Super 16mm film. Having taken a workshop with Kodak and made friends with the Kodak gang I reached out to set up our pipeline which is not nearly as costly or cumbersome as many may presume. The only real downside was the timeline was rather fast, so while I had many grand ideas there was not enough time to test them. I did luck out with having my friend Alonso Lujan stepping in to DP for me while I did most of the camera operating. I was excited to finally shoot on my Aaton Xtera which is an exceptional camera.

The shoot ended up being about 11 hours in 2 locations, with a team of local professionals and great friends (see credits below).

Director of Photography: Alonso Lujan
Gaffer: Daniel Flores
1st AC: Carina Halligan
2nd AC: Mike Cook
BTS Photography: Essam Osman
Soundman: Ian Robertson
Model/Actress: Audrey Smith