My love of all things film has led me to starting a podcast with my bestie, Todd! We pick a film and do a deep dive. Not just a simple review & whether or not we like the movie, but instead we look to break it apart to discover the hidden gems of filmmaking secrets. We look at “Interstellar” to figure out what it means and the symbolism laced throughout the movie; we analyze “Warrior” to discover the variety of ways Gavin O’Connor immerses us into the film’s world using camerawork, lighting, sound, composition and more; we look at the themes and visual effects of “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”, and identify how James Gunn makes his humor work so well in a high tech film. So, no matter the movie, we look for the little nuggets of insight into the moviemaking process, educating ourselves and the audience in the process. Come join us at The Pestle Podcast!