Whether working to produce a short film, music video or a more commercial & business-friendly product, there is a lot of creativity poured into every production. Here is a rundown of the basic services offered:

Pre-Production: Writing, storyboarding, location scouting, equipment rentals, finding & hiring talent. There is a lot involved in just planning a shoot, and having a solid game plan is paramount to an efficient and smooth production. Remember: the script is the blueprint for a great video, get it right in the script and you’re miles ahead of the game. Don’t go into production until the script is locked down.

Production: The day of the film shoot it’s important to stay on schedule and have time to experiment to create more options in the editing room. Executing the script, getting all the footage on the shot list, taking the inspirational energy that comes on the day of the shoot to find new angles and opportunities, and doing it all on time and within the budget is a skill.

Post-Production: Video editing, animation, titling, intros, outros, music, foley, sound mix. Post-production can entail seemingly endless possibilities, but this stage of the process is perhaps the most fun to see all the hard work from the previous stages finally come together. Great editing and post-production work can either enhance and polish all of the hard-work spent up until this point or make it all fall flat. Editing is like playing jazz, rhythm and a good feel for the heartbeat of the moment is crucial.

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