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A while back I made some GIFs that never ended up getting used, so I thought I’d throw them up here. These are “life hack” type of GIFs.


GIF showing how to keep your wine cold without watering it down

Chill white wine with frozen grapes

GIF showing how to remove a strawberry stem with a straw

De-stem a strawberry using a straw

GIF showing how to keep foil from coming out of the box

Tired of foil and plastic wrap popping out of the box?

GIF showing how to use a staple remover to get a key onto a keyring.

Easiest way to get a key on a keyring

Extra use for muffin tins

GIF for how to make cupcakes using only two ingredients

2 Ingredient Cupcakes

GIF of a household hack showing how to open tough plastic packaging with a can opener

Open plastic packaging with a can opener

GIF of how to stack beer in the fridge

Stack beer in the fridge