“In my opinion, it’s more interesting to see magic happening in a world that feels grounded. If the world is already crazy, then anything can happen. So it’s better to start with something real.” – Michel Gondry


I directed this music video for Language Room, it’s what I consider to be my directorial debut and I’m quite proud of it. I opted to go for something more on the OK Go side of things that felt more personal and less polished. That may sound a little odd, but I feel that most music videos are overly forgettable when relying on cliche conventions and standardized “rockstar” montages. Yes, I’m sure I could film the guys giving a concert with a girl swooning in cutaways, but it’s so so so been done. Instead, working with Todd Sapio (the front man for Language Room) we cooked up this more simplistic idea, got a ton of friends together for a weekend and on a shoestring budget (roughly $200 total) made something that we loved putting our name on. I did all of the post-production work (except for several hours of keyframing a few of the optical flares provided by Todd himself, my monotonous brain thanks him) and enjoyed the timelapse segment and playing with slow-motion spreading into real-time.