"The New TLDs" Interview & Animation Video
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The New TLDs (Commercial)


“Currently computer graphics are used a great deal, but it can be excessive.” – Hayao Miyazaki


I did the post-production work on this for Demand Media’s new division that is based out of Ireland and geared towards a developing online market. Working with their marketing department’s point-man, he handed me footage to  edit based on his script & storyboard, but then asked me to also find additional ways to edit it down to a more manageable 3 minutes of content from the roughly 5 or 6 minutes of content the script called for.


Once I whittled down the interview footage we went to work coming up with animation ideas, a lot of which I was given tons of freedom to create to my own taste and then made revisions and fine tuning according to notes and back ‘n forth discussion. It was a great collaborative process and I’m very pleased with the final product.


Editing & Background Keying: Adobe Premiere CS6
Animation: Adobe After Effects CS6