Where We Ended

“Where We Ended”

Two people review their relationship to find out what went wrong, but sometimes looking back is actually looking forward.

Where We Ended one sheet

Synopsis: Two people who met at a party reflect on what their lives were like before they ever met, how their lives intertwined, and ultimately what tore them apart. Sometimes, a chance meeting creates a whole new world.

Plot Summary: Told largely through flashbacks and voiceover, “Where We Ended” looks at how sometimes a chance meeting can change our lives. Two people meet at a party and make a connection that could change their lives forever, and they examine who each other was before and afterwards, and how it all comes to an end. Is love futile, or full of possibilities? The answer depends on who tells the story.


Wes Evans

Wes Evans, Writer/Director/Lead

Writer/Director/Leading man, and a bit self-conscious on how narcissistic that may look on paper. Wes is an Austin filmmaker and actor originally from a one-stoplight Texas town called Somerville. Previous work includes short films & commercials in Austin, and most fun of all was standing in for Jason Voorhees in 2009’s “Friday the 13th”.


Anna Vanston

Anna Vanston, Lead

Anna Vanston is the leading lady and a brilliant actress who got her BFA in acting with a minor in musical theatre. You may have seen her recently in Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some!!”, or run across one of her many hilarious sketches on her YouTube channel Goombanna where she writes & directs her own short films.



The crew is mostly comprised of friends who met and worked together at an Austin media company. Previously working on projects ranging from music videos and branded DIY content.

Ryan Vaughn - Director of Photography

Ryan Vaughn, Director of Photography – Ryan works as a writer, post-production supervisor and editor in Austin, TX. He is a co-founder of Austin Bat Cave, a writing & tutoring center for kids.


Ricky Holm, Producer/AD – Ricky is an Austin based award winning film producer and entrepreneur. His latest venture has taken him to the forefront of technology where he is leading the way in the discovery and implementation of immersive media within the branded entertainment world. Ricky also holds a degree with honors from Vancouver Film School and the University of Washington.








Production Stills

Cafe Medici

Cast and crew says, “Hiii!”

Cafe Medici

Anna Vanston in full character while Ryan Vaughn and Mike Cook discuss the shot.

When shooting anamorphic it's critical to have a monitor on set to de-squeeze the image.

When shooting anamorphic it’s critical to have a monitor on set to de-squeeze the image.

Ryan having fun with the dolly.

Ryan having fun with the dolly.

Scene 1, Take 1.

Scene 1, Take 1.

Setting up a dolly shot in the park that we ended up axing.

Setting up a dolly shot in the park that we ended up axing.

Poor tired Anna. Funny, because Wes was the one on the verge of passing out.

Poor tired Anna. Jib shot in the park.

Working out a jib shot.

Working out a jib shot.

Cafe Medici

Setting up for the coffee shop shot.