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The Pestle Podcast

My love of all things film has led me to starting a podcast with my bestie, Todd! We pick a film and do a deep dive. Not just a simple review & whether or not we like the movie, but instead we look to break it apart to discover the hidden gems of filmmaking secrets. We look at "Interstellar" to figure out what it means and the symbolism laced throughout the movie; we analyze "Warrior" to discover the variety of ways Gavin O'Connor immerses us into the film's world using camerawork, lighting, sound, composition and more; we look at the themes and visual effects of "Guardians of…

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NASA now has a SoundCloud, and they've released a lot of sound clips ranging from the famous "Houston, we've had a problem" and Neil Armstrong's dialog from the moon, all the way to lightning on Jupiter and Sputnik's beeps. There's only 64 clips on the SoundCloud, which I've accumulated for easy downloading below. However, there's a far larger collection from them here, far too large for me to aggregate. The cool part is that these are public domain and therefore free to use as you see fit as long as you're not implying NASA's endorsement. I'll try to keep an eye on the SoundCloud page for future updates as that seems to…

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“Interstellar” – What does it mean?

First and foremost, there are nothing but spoilers on this page. In fact, if you haven't seen the movie then this will mostly be incomprehensible babble, as I'm talking directly to people who have seen it rather than explain in meticulous detail everything I say. So, SPOILER WARNING. I have a huge distaste for spoilers, and for those that even reveal the tiniest info on something I'm excited about. So, this paragraph should provide ample buffer between the spoiler warning and the actual spoilers that will soon follow. Thank you. It's been interesting reading reviews and listening to podcasts regarding "Interstellar". Largely because I have…

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